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On the morning that Nina and Asher Teller's marriage falls apart in their Southern Californian kitchen, their young daughter, Hannah, is the victim of a hit-and-run accident that will leave her leg in a cast for much of the next decade. Nina's next husband introduces her to nudism and soon suggests they plunge further into the sexual revolution of the 1970s. Meanwhile, the remorseful driver, Martin, tries to bury his dark secret under the flashing lights and ringing bells of Las Vegas.

The Nakeds is an absorbing, darkly comical story of love and desire, of forgiveness and the unforgivable, and the truths we sometimes hide underneath our very own skin.

Praise for The Nakeds

“In the sunlight of her prose, everybody looks pink and vulnerable . . . This psychological drama slides along an electric wire of suspense.”

“Glatt's background in poetry is evident in the crisp vividness of her language.”


“Funny, wise, and painfully honest.”

“Lisa Glatt has developed quite the knack for tackling dark subject matter with an enthralling wit.”

“Glatt blends the ordinary with the hidden rivers of the heart . . . Precise and cinematic.”

“Glatt’s second novel is a beautifully written study of the intersection of two lives.”

The Nakeds is as escapist as it is illuminating; as radiantly beautiful as it is painfully, shatteringly real.”


“Trust me: The Nakeds is a book you won’t want to put down. With humor, heart, intelligence and compassion, Lisa Glatt has written a powerfully absorbing novel about the most dark and complicated human truths. Her characters are so perceptively drawn I felt as if they were people I knew. Her portrait of southern California in the 1970s is so vivid I could practically feel that particular sun on my face. Her insights into how we love and forgive and deny and accept are so profound I felt changed by the time I read the final sentence. This is an unforgettable and spellbinding book by a writer of rare radiance.”



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