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Lisa Glatt's poems are fierce, funny, and frank. Distinctively yin in their terrain, they are boisterously yang in their approach. Glatt's poems are uncensored soul-kisses into the darkness of injured bodies, the psyche of illness, and the raw stumblings of sexual relationships. Monsters and Other Lovers is a provocative first collection, as entertaining and dangerous and enlightening as a game of Truth or Dare.

“I love these bold, intense, funny, and deadly serious poems by Lisa Glatt. Monsters and Other Lovers is a brilliant debut, which you will not soon forget.”

Excerpt from Monsters And Other Lovers

One of Us

We opened up with each other in the afternoons as easily as we did nightly with the boys who did not know us. On Mondays we sat in Angela's den, six of us, eating Frosted Flakes directly out of the box. We passed her father's magazines around, Playboy and Penthouse, running our fingers over the glossy photographs, the woman's round breasts and perfect triangle, and we knew that the boys themselves were down the block or across town, staring at the very same woman in the very same magazine, and even then I wondered aloud, Who is looking at them? We sent Angela into Safeway to buy Playgirl, so we could see them. And as we stared at the pretty boys with their generous portions, we pretended we were happy; we pretended we did not miss her. But here's the thing, we wanted to look at the woman, she was beautiful and stinging in a way the naked men were not, she held our secrets in her terrible, lovely body, and we believed, by the very fact she'd posed and opened, she was one of us.